Programació web

Web development

Web app design and development, using always the latest web technologies to satisfy the goals of the customer and the final user.
Programació Drupal

Drupal development

We have been working with Drupal over the last 6 years with great success. We can offer web apps built with Drupal 8, modules and customised themes.
Programació Wordpress

Wordpress development

We also develop web apps with Wordpress. Using either templates or theme builders. Combined with Woocommerce it can be a powerful eCommerce site.
Programació PHP

PHP development

Design and development of web apps with PHP using the most successful frameworks like Laravel, Symphony or CodeIgniter.
Disseny i UX

Web design and UX

Experts in responsive web app designs, using the latest recommendations on User Experience (UX) and accessibility.
Aplicacions per dispositius mòbils

Web App for Smartphones

Webapp development for smartphones and tablets using the browser standard programming languages, compatible with iOS and Android.
Anàlisi SEO

SEO Analysis

Study of the current SEO and recommendations for a better presence in the leading search engines.
Brain in Action

Brain in Action

Platform for online psychology for companies with videchat and appointments. Developed with Laravel and Vue


Platform for online psychology with chat and sessions. Developed with Laravel and Vue
Museu de Manacor

Museu de Manacor

Website of the museu of Manacor, developed with Drupal 8